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An Ecommerce Website Is A Website People Can Directly Buy Products From. You’ve Probably Used A Number Of Ecommerce Websites Before, Most Big Brands And Plenty Of Smaller Ones Have One. Any Website That Includes A Shopping Cart And A Way For You To Provide Credit Card Information To Make A Purchase Falls Into This Category.


A Business Website Is Any Website That’s Devoted To Representing A Specific Business. It Should Be Branded Like The Business (The Same Logo And Positioning) And Communicate The Types Of Products And/or Services The Business Offers.


The Term ‘one Page Website’ Is Exactly What It Sounds Like — Although In Order To Properly Develop And Deploy One, You Do Need To Put Quite A Lot Of Consideration Into What You’re Doing And How You’re Going To Achieve It.


Php Is An Open Source, Server-side, Html Embedded Scripting Language Used To Create Dynamic Web Pages. Php Pages Have The Extension .php. Php Can Perform Any Task That Any Cgi Program Can Do, But Its Strength Lies In Its Compatibility With Many Types Of Databases.


Html Allows Users To Create And Structure Sections, Headings, Links, Paragraphs, And More, On A Website Using Various Tags And Elements. Almost Everything You Want To Create On A Web Page Can Be Done Using A Specific Html Code.


What Is WordPress? At Its Core, WordPress Is The Simplest, Most Popular Way To Create Your Own Website Or Blog. In Fact, WordPress Powers Over 40.0% Of All The Websites On The Internet. Yes – More Than One In Four Websites That You Visit Are Likely Powered By WordPress.